Manually configure Skype for Business and Lync clients for Office 365 Lync Online

* This article works for all versions of Skype for Business and  Lync clients *

You might want to configure Lync clients manually to connect to Lync Online if you don’t have an SRV record published or unable to reslove for some reason. If the Lync client cannot find the right records in DNS you will not be able to sign in and will get the following error messgae:

It is quite easy to configure a manual connection to Lync Online. To do so, please follow these instructions:

Click the gear on the right top side of Lync client:

In the new “Lync OPtions” window that opens click “Advanced”:

You’ll get the default Automatic configuration window:

Choose “Manual Configuration” and enter the address in both the Internal and External server fields, and then press “OK”:

retype your Office 365 username (always in format) and sign in:

Now you’re connected to Lync Online.

14 thoughts on “Manually configure Skype for Business and Lync clients for Office 365 Lync Online

  1. Is there a way to hardcode the username(for example Agent1) so every time any user logs in to the same computer with their own NT account, the lync client will always log in as Agent1?

    1. Hi Goose,

      Yes, it is possible. you can edit the Registry key:"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared\UcClient\ServerSipUri" to reflect on the sip uri you’d like to use.
      However, you will need to provide a password to be able to log on automatically.
      Since the user’s communications server certificates cannot be exported with their private keys, I guess your best option would be to copy this user’s registry hive (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Communicator\ and import it to the destination computers.

      Let me know how this worked for you!


    1. Hi Khames,

      Yes, you can impose this setting on your users by applying them with the following regisrty hive:


      The first setting “turns on” the Manual configuration.
      The second setting is for your internal pool address.
      The third setting is for your externally published record.

      Remember that if you’re using Office 365 they’re the same (, and if you’re using an on-premise server and configured it to use port 443 instead of 5061, you must add :443 to your external address, like this:


      Good luck,


      1. Can i write a script to do this automatically when the user logs on in the morning

  2. Hello, I have different issue in Skype, our users can’t search for contacts in Gal from Excahnge. they can only find people who already exist in their contact list

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