Script to add 2014 Irish holidays to Lync Server 2010 or 2013

Had a couple of requests this past week to set holidays for Response Groups.
I used Jamie Schwinn‘s great Lync RGS Holiday Set Editor for the first and second customer, but it started getting a little frustrating when I thought I’m going to have to do this for more customers as time goes by.

So for all of you Irish lads using Lync, here’s a script to add all the 2014 Irish holidays to Lync, with a single click.

Import this tool to your Lync server and run it using Lync management shell:

Lync Holidays Script 1

The script will ask you for your RGS’ DB server’s FQDN. Enter the name and hit Enter.

The script will complete in a second, creating all holidays for the year 2014:

Lync Holidays Script 2

You can run Get-CsRgsHolidaySet to verify the settings or use Jamie’s tool to have a better look at it:

Holidays confirmed

That’s it, you even have 2015 New Year’s Day as a bonus, so you can worry about running the 2015 script around February…

* Note – This script is designed to work on EN-US Locale, as this is the default Lync Management shell locale. If you’re working with the EN-IE locale, you’ll have to switch to EN-US for this script to run ok.

Download the script here.

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