Windows 8.1 Lync App – March 2014 update

Microsoft announced the release of the March 2014 Lync App update.

This update brings some cool new features, but I had to force the update through the Windows Store. Eventually, it showed up:

Screenshot (47)

Once installed, the first thing you can see is the change in the log-in screen. Guest log-in is now below the user log-in:

Screenshot (48)

Once logged in, Lync will tell you it was updated:


The first change you see is the big “Meet Now” button on the left:

Meet Now

As soon as you touch it – it launches a new meeting. Unfortunately, you can’t see the meeting entry info like you do with the Desktop client, but you now have the option to invite people using the people menu:

Screenshot (54)

Control over participants is easier and useful:

Screenshot (55)

One more nice thing is that now you have all the controls at the bottom of the screen:

Screenshot (51)

Additional changes:

  • Send a private IM to a participant
  • View contact cards
  • Demote a presenter to an attendee
  • Promote an attendee to a presenter
  • Invite new participants
  • Mute a single participant
  • Mute all audience
  • Remove a participant from the meeting
  • Admit people waiting in the lobby

Read more here and here.

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