Lync Last Logon script

Following a recent co-post with Guy Bachar, we worked on another script – This time to show Lync users’ last logon time and devices.

The script is really easy to use, and can provide either an output to your screen, a grid view or to a .csv file.

Once you run the script, it will ask you for your desired output option:

  1.  Export to CSV.
  2.  Export to Grid
  3. Display output on the screen. This is also the default option and will take place if you don’t choose anything:

Output selection

After choosing the desired output option, the script will search for your registrars, display them, and will ask you to choose which one you would like to query:

Registrar Selection

The desired output will immediately display (for Screen or grid) or show you the path for your .csv file:

GridThe script can be downloaded here.

We’d love to hear comments and suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Lync Last Logon script

    1. Hi Dan,
      First of all i must say you did an amazing Job, i don’t know how i didn’t encounter your script before, probably would save us a lot of time and effort.
      i think you are right, the only difference in our output is that our script is showing user logon instance per device and not just the last logon.
      I’m still trying to figure it out if it’s possible collecting the same data out of the reporting database rather then the RTCDyn database, but it seems as the table does not have the appropriate correlations.

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