Script: List Lync Orphaned users

Lync Last Login script is now List Lync Orphaned users, retrieving data directly form LcsCDR Database.

Just a Lync Guy

Recently Yoav Barzilay and I upgraded our script for Getting the Last Login time for a user sign in into a Lync pool and it’s client type. we’ve added a new functionality to include the actual server the user is sign-in into within an enterprise pool and its backup servers based on the Get-CsUserPoolInfo cmdlet.

One of the feedbacks we got was that another interesting thing would be to see Users which did not sign-in the last couple of days, or in matter affect seeing all users which not being signed in for a long time – Orphaned Users.

Starting to explore this options, our main problem showing those orphaned users was that the Lync servers does not includes any kind of information as they only holds recent data in the RtcDyn database (last couple of days).
Our assumption was that this kind of data may only resides within the…

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