Lync 2013 SQL Reporting Services error

I was installing Lync 2013 Monitoring Server in a rather secured environment when I got this error trying to view Monitoring reports:

Reporting Services Error

An error occurred in the HTTP Runtime object for application domain ReportServer_<Monitoring DB Name>_0-1-130536282297714254. Most likely, the HTTP request contains an unsupported verb or invalid syntax.”

Most likely, it has nothing to do with the error… I was able to access SRS management and go all the way to the Lync Monitoring Homepage – that’s when the error appeared again. That pointed that SRS are working fine, but the Lync Monitoring reports are causing some issues.
I tried redeploying the reports – same error.

It then hit me that a long time ago I was working with another customer at a secured environment where we had to bypass some security restrictions to get things working.
That led me to this article, that explains that if you have the following registry setting:
and the registry subkey is set to 1 (Enabled), this might cause an issue there.
So I opened the registry editor and looked for that key – it was set to 1.
Set it to 0, restarted SRS and…. It’s all working now:

SRS working


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