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I recently published a post with a short script that creates an automated Excel file that lists all your Lync users. This file can be used in documentations and to find all your assigned phone numbers.

Getting some feedback from users and colleagues, I updated the script and it can now show all the users, common area phones, analog devices and Response Groups workflows in youe environment.

The Excel file is created with a separate tab for users, common are phones, analog devices and RGS workflows.

A built-in filter into every column will help you find the information you need based on registrar, analog gateway, username, etc.

Lync users

The file lists the following for each tab:

Lync users:

Display Name SIP Address Registrar Pool Enterprise Voice Line URI

Analog Devices:

Display Name SIP Address Registrar Pool Gateway Line URI

Common Are Phones:

Display Name SIP Address Registrar Pool Description Line URI

RGS Workflows:

Display Name SIP Address Line URI

Run the script from your client machine (NOT Your Lync servers), where you have Excel (At Least 2010) and PowerShell version 3.0 and above.

The script will ask you for your Lync Admin credentials and one of your Lync pools’ FQDN:

Remote PowerShell

It will then connect remotely to you server and start Excel. The script is designed to ignore certificate certificates warnings as you might be running this from a none domain-joined machine.

Download the script here.

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  1. The snowflake effect on your blog effectively kills 1 CPU core per machine (as browser JS engines are usually limited to a single thread). The result: CPU FAN speeding up every 30 mins, and CPU consumption is between 25 and 50% on my laptop. Can you at least add a button to kill the effect?

    The script is by the way awesome 🙂

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