First glimpse at the Skype for Business client

So, word is out – the new client is here. How does it look like and what are the big changes? Let’s have a look: (Click on the images to enlarge)

The client is branded with the Skype for Business logo and name, and has a similar feel to the consumer version:

S4B Client

Similar to the Lync 2013 client, if you hover over a contact’s picture, you can see the quick options menu:

Hover Preview

The number pad tab is colourful. The UM piece is missing the playback speed feature that was introduced in Lync 2013.


The IM window will always show the participants. You can expand this to see a full list of all participants:

Video preview is similar to the one we’re familiar with in Lync 2013:

Video Preview

And so is the call option menu:

Call select

Content sharing button is similar to the Lync 2013 client with a nice preview of the desktop (Not shown here):


PowerPoint sharing within a Lync 2013 Server environment uses Office Web Apps, just like the Lync 2013 client:


The greatest improvement maybe is to the call window;

Skype-like feeling:


PSTN Navigation options: Transfer within a click of a button, instead of a quick programming tutorial:


And no more “Where’s my conversation window? How do I hang up or mute?!” as we have the Skype-like hover window:

Hover window

Oh, and one last small thing: Every active window has the option to change views during a call:


One thought on “First glimpse at the Skype for Business client

  1. Is the new client available for general release yet? Would like to give it a whirl.

    I think the new client looks great, clean and intuitive. The best new features are surely the easier transfer options and the always on top call window….

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