Changes coming to Microsoft Whiteboard

Published on March 15 in the Office 365 Admin Center, there are several changes coming to Microsoft Whiteboard you should be aware of, especially if you have Surface Hub in your organization:

In Office 365 services, organizations that have “Whiteboard” enabled will see “Microsoft Whiteboard” that will be automatically enabled. No action required by admins.

Office 365 organizations that are located in Europe will have their data content move to their regional data centers rather than the US data centers that were used so far. No action required by admins.

For Surface Hubs, the “Microsoft Whiteboard 2016” app that’s installed by default in the Windows 10 Team OS will be automatically upgraded to the new “Microsoft Whiteboard” app by May 21, 2019.
The legacy “Microsoft Whiteboard 2016” collaboration feature will stop working in early June 2019 and the app is expected to stop functioning and will no longer be supported starting June 7, 2019.
If you disabled automatic Store updates on your Surface Hub’s Store app, make sure you re-enable them to get these updates.

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