Lync 2013 SQL Reporting Services error

I was installing Lync 2013 Monitoring Server in a rather secured environment when I got this error trying to view Monitoring reports:

Reporting Services Error

An error occurred in the HTTP Runtime object for application domain ReportServer_<Monitoring DB Name>_0-1-130536282297714254. Most likely, the HTTP request contains an unsupported verb or invalid syntax.”

Most likely, it has nothing to do with the error… I was able to access SRS management and go all the way to the Lync Monitoring Homepage – that’s when the error appeared again. That pointed that SRS are working fine, but the Lync Monitoring reports are causing some issues.
I tried redeploying the reports – same error.

It then hit me that a long time ago I was working with another customer at a secured environment where we had to bypass some security restrictions to get things working.
That led me to this article, that explains that if you have the following registry setting:
and the registry subkey is set to 1 (Enabled), this might cause an issue there.
So I opened the registry editor and looked for that key – it was set to 1.
Set it to 0, restarted SRS and…. It’s all working now:

SRS working


Lync 2013 Monitoring Server errors…

When you’re trying to view different reports in Lync Server 2013 monitoring, you might get the following error:

WebPage Error

“Report processing stopped because too many rows in summary tables are missing in the call detail recording (CDR) database. To resolve this issue, run dbo.RtcGenerateSummaryTables on the LcsCDR database.”

Additional parameters might appear instead of “dbo.RtcGenerateSummaryTables”, depending on the report you wish to view.

To fix this problem, start SQL Management Studio on your SQL server and choose the Lync Monitoring instance:

SQL Connection

Once connected, expand “Databases”->”LcsCDR”->”Programmability”:


In “Programmability”, expand “Stored Procedures”:

Stored Procedures

And scroll down until you find the procedure mentioned in the error:

Generate Summary

Right-click the procedure and choose “Execute Stored Procedure”:


A new “Execute Procedure” window will open, Press “OK”:

Execute Screen

A script will run and will (hopefully) return a ‘0’ value, meaning everything went ok:

Script ran

That’s it! Return to your reports webpage and refresh:

Reports OK

Good Luck!