Skype for Business VCFG Viewer

When preparing documentation for a customer or trying to survey an existing deployment, I usually ask for a copy of the Voice Configuration files (.vcfg) of Lync \ Skype for Business to see how things are set up.

Currently there’s no option to view the vcfg file in a readable format.
Sure, you can open the vcfg file in a text editor or even a web browser and browse through the xml. Alternatively, you can import the configuration to your servers – but good luck trying to read it between the “Committed” and “Uncommitted” text.

The vcfg viewer is a “PowerShell executable” that runs through the vcfg file and renders it to a readable html file.
Simply run the ps1 file, choose the vcfg file you wish to open, and you’ll have a browse able page to examine the vcfg file:

Download the ps1 file here.

Lync Last Logon script

Following a recent co-post with Guy Bachar, we worked on another script – This time to show Lync users’ last logon time and devices.

The script is really easy to use, and can provide either an output to your screen, a grid view or to a .csv file.

Once you run the script, it will ask you for your desired output option:

  1.  Export to CSV.
  2.  Export to Grid
  3. Display output on the screen. This is also the default option and will take place if you don’t choose anything:

Output selection

After choosing the desired output option, the script will search for your registrars, display them, and will ask you to choose which one you would like to query:

Registrar Selection

The desired output will immediately display (for Screen or grid) or show you the path for your .csv file:

GridThe script can be downloaded here.

We’d love to hear comments and suggestions.